Laboratorios Dr. Collado, S.A.

Jeannette Nail Hardener

(15 ml)

Effective treatment for fragile and brittle nails. Enriched with vitamin E for great growth.

Myline Semi-Permanent Hair

(4 oz)

With Argan extract, moisturizes hair naturally. Fills and strengthens the strand due to its rich… Ver

Myline Relaxer Cream

(Super 8, 16 and 56 oz - Regular 8 and 16 oz)

Made with natural oils that conditions and protects hair during straightening process.

Myline Ultra Hydrating

(Shampoo – Intense Treatment 8 and 16 oz - Leave In 8 oz)

Made with wheat proteins, ceramides, provitamin B-5. Hydrates and protects from damages caused by hair… Ver

Myline Hair Loss Control For Thinning Hair

(Shampoo – Intense Treatment 8 and 16 oz - Leave In 8oz - Hair Drop 4 oz)

Made of olive oil and grapes. Stimulates growth and strengthens the scalp, preventing hair loss.

Myline Straightening

(Shampoo – Intense Treatment 8 and 16 oz - Leave In 8 oz)

Made of wheat protein and silicone resin. Fortifies, and protects the thread from thermal damages… Ver

Myline Argan

(Shampoo – Intense Treatment 8, 16 and 32 oz - Leave In 8 oz - Hair Drop 4 oz)

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and polyphenols. Moisturizes, regenerates… Ver

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

(8 oz)

Fights and eliminates dandruff and psoriasis without drying your hair.

Hair Ampoules

(10 ml)

VITA FLEX: Reconstructing Treatment. VITA E: Nourishes and strengthens. PHEROCYL: Prevents hair loss. JOJOBA: Restores… Ver

Rose Ointment

(4, 6 and 8 oz)

Emollient cream for extreme dryness. Deeply hydrates the skin.