Laboratorios Dr. Collado, S.A.

Borasol Antiseptic Powder & Liquid

(Powder 4 oz - Liquid 8 oz)

Antiseptic powder and liquid. Anti-inflammatory and acts as a vaginal deodorant cleanser.

Pure Acetone

Works as a dissolvent for lacquer, nail polish and dyes.

Sancochito Syrup

(2 and 4 oz)

Relieves cough and chest congestions. Clears the lungs.

Sanito Syrup

(4 oz)

Children’s flu remedy. Helps soften bronchial mucus.

Iodized Radish Syrup

(4, 8 and 12 oz)

Cold and flu remedy. Liquefies tracheal and bronchial secretions.

White Pine Syrup

(4 oz)

Useful to relieve coughs, congestion in the nasal passages and relieves chest congestion due to… Ver

Forty Malt Original, Orange and Cherry

(4, 8 and 12 oz)

Nutritional supplement with 18% cod liver oil, rich in vitamins A and D, omega-3 and… Ver

Granulated Calcium

(100 grs)

Dietary supplement. Contains calcium and phosphorus that helps maintain a strong and healthy body.

Cerebrina Wine

(12 oz)

Invigorating tonic. Restores lost appetite, strengthens muscles, and increases red blood cells.

Helena Valley Plant Compound

(8 and 12 oz)

Relieves sudden changes in mood and other symptoms associated with menopause. Also relieves cramps and… Ver